Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Prezi is a web-based presentation tool using a map layout and zooming to show contextual relationships which addresses some of the shortcomings of Microsoft PowerPoint.

The map layout is the biggest difference between Prezi and PowerPoint. They are the same in the fact that they are both popular presentation tools on the computer.

I think that Prezi isn't necessarily better, but it is different. Everyone is used to the same slide after slide presentation and Prezi isn't the norm. One advantage of Prezi is that it is eye-catching. One disadvantage is that you can not animate text and graphics like you can in PowerPoint. Overall, both Prezi and PowerPoint can be successful when used properly.

A standard that I would cover when using Prezi in my classroom would be: 2a.
design or adapt relevant learning experiences that incorporate digital tools and resources to promote student learning and creativity

because students would be incorporating the digital tool, Prezi, for an awesome learning and creativity booster.

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